Invasive Removal

The Blue Ridge Neighborhood continually strives to be stewards of our land as well as support community activity and participation. Our past effort to remove invasive Asian Bush Honeysuckle (ABH) and Purple Wintercreeper with the help of the City of Bloomington and A Small and Simple Grant to Remove Invasive Plants in 2021 was met with  overwhelming neighborhood support and the efforts have continued since then.  Again in 2023, our invasive plant removal efforts continue as we educate and help to remove large Wintercreeper growth in trees throughout the neighborhood.  We also will remove ABH prior to our neighborhood Brush Pick up date in  April 2023. A portion of a 2023 City of Bloomington Small and Simple Grant  will help  to pay for the invasive plant removal.  We hope to continue the neighborhood efforts for invasive plant removal for years to come. 

Our Blue Ridge Neighborhood efforts at invasive plant control are extended by the work of many Blue Ridge neighbors and MC-IRIS members who work on trail construction and maintenance and invasive plant removal within Griffy Nature Preserve. The Nature Preserve borders 2 sides of Blue Ridge Neighborhood and is a gem of nature, trails, and activities within the City of Bloomington.

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Asian Bush Honeysuckle Removal 2023

Asian Bush Honeysuckle Removal 2021