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We have a beautiful neighborhood for walking.  Sidewalks generally provide pedestrians the safest route.  However, some of our sidewalks are uneven, cracked or in general disrepair.  According to the City of Bloomington, just like with shoveling, it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to maintain all public sidewalks in good repair.

The City has completed a city wide inspection of sidewalks and crews have been working on segments rated the “worst 100”.  If you think sidewalk damage in our neighborhood was caused by a city street tree you can send the address to Public Works Department and they could inspect the segment. If the damage is purely cosmetic or caused by some other factor you can contact the City Planning Department for the proper permits and have a licensed contractor repair the sidewalk at the cost of the homeowner.  Please find the online link to the Sidewalk Contractor’s List.

The Common Council Sidewalk Committee meets each year to recommend the best way to use appropriations from the City’s Alternative Transportation Fund. Based on the criteria for selecting sidewalk projects, for example safety, pedestrian usage and proximity to destination points, it would not seem that new sidewalks would be prioritized for Blue Ridge.  However, if you have an idea for new sidewalks that would advance the criteria, be in touch with Public Works Department or a City Council representative to make a case.  Sidewalk requests can also be submitted: