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Blue Ridge Uprooters!

I’m please to announce the immediate availability of our very own pair of neighborhood Uprooters! These were purchased with funds provided in part through the City of Bloomington’s Housing and Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program and your Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association dues. If you have invasive plants on your property, these tools are an excellent, herbicide-free way to remove them for good—roots and all.

We have one full-sized Uprooter (jaw capacity: 2.25 inches) and one Uprooter Mini (jaw capacity: 1.125 inches) available to loan out to any Blue Ridge residents. If you’d like to borrow one or both, just contact me. You will receive a “use and care” instruction sheet and will have to sign an indemnification form (please don’t sue us). The loan period will vary depending on demand, but I’d like to keep it to two weeks at the most.

For more information about these tools, see:

Thanks to Vickie Provine (HAND) and Ralf Shaw (BRNA) for making this possible.

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