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Annual Neighborhood Brush Cleanup Weekend

Annual  Neighborhood Brush Cleanup Weekend

(updated 3/30/14)

When:  Saturday/Sunday April 5/6 2014.

What: Free pick up of brush and limbs.

Who: All property owners and residents of Blue Ridge who are current on their Blue Ridge dues are welcome and encouraged to participate.

How: On Sat/Sun 4/5-6 place the plant material to be disposed of in piles by the street, NOT in it. The collection will actually occur on Monday and Tuesday of the following week, but it must be in place by Sunday afternoon so we can check and verify the amounts. We need to impose some limitations on volume this year in order to stay within budget.

Limits: 1 pickup-size load. This is a pile about 8ftx8ftx8ft or the amount a crew can pick up in 20mins or so. Please do not cut into small pieces to reduce volume, this takes longer to load or chip. Cut only into a managable size to be able to get to curb. Individual limbs should be less that 6inch in diameter. No logs.

We will verify the size limits, count and tag the piles before dark on sunday. Please do not add anything after that as it will not get picked up.  The pickup will take place the following monday-tuesday.

Why:  The Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association (BRNA) is sponsoring this collection of plant debris to help neighbors out with the discount of volume.   In addition, it is to help folks achieve  compliance with Bloomington’s Municipal Code Title 12, Chapter 12.24.040 (2) , that requires property owners to keep brush trimmed from sidewalks and streets.

Help: If you need assistance with moving plant debris to curb or conversely would be willing to assist our elderly or disabled neighbors, and/or help with the managment of this effort, please contact the BRNA board via email or phone Jo Basey (before April 1) at 336-2384.

Questions? Call/email Rex Tayloe at 337-9525/ or Don Granbois at 332-5781.

Watch the website ( for additional details near the cleanup day.


(3/30) We have selected Clark’s Landscaping (824-8578) to do the pickup on 4/7-8.  If you have more limbs or tree work than our limits allow, consider calling them as they will be in the neighborhood during that week.


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