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Recap: Neighborhood Clean-up

The Blue Ridge Neighborhood, established in 1958, has grown into a mature neighborhood with a tranquil park like ambiance.

However, this wonderful environment has caused some conflicts with the safe passage of motorists and pedestrians within the neighborhood. To respond to complaints about this issue, the Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association (BRNA) board began action to remedy this situation in fall of 2012.

The board decided to send an information letter to all the property owners describing the problem and including the city ordinances dictating the owner’s responsibility concerning vegetative encroachment into the street and sidewalks adjacent to their property. It also invited them to participate in the “Vegetative Clean Up” sponsored by the BRNA in May 2013.
To facilitate the clean up, the board started by investigating Bloomington neighborhood grants for this purpose. It was determined that what the city offered would not be conducive or convenient for residents, due to limited pickup locations and type of refuse accepted. Therefore a search for private landscapers and tree service companies that would go to each residence was conducted by Jeannie Galbreath and Rex Taylor. It was discovered out of 15 companies contacted only four would bid on the job. The board chose Clark Lawncare & Landscaping. An announcement was then mailed to all property owners informing them with details of the “Clean Up” at the end of April.

The material was placed by the street on Saturday, May 11, and picked up the following week. Mike Bailey volunteered to coordinate the activities of the Clark crew and discovered by Monday morning there was an overwhelming response by our neighbors. This facilitated needing an additional member for the crew and a second vehicle for hauling in order to expedite the project.

The project was a success in terms of participation, with 93 neighbors (42%) taking advantage of the clean up. Thanks to all of you.







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