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Neighborhood Clean Up Announcement


The Blue Ridge Neighborhood Plant Cleanup

When:  Saturday May 11, 2013

What:  Free pick up of vegetative refuse (pruned brush, limbs, etc.) that is impeding safe passage on sidewalks and streets throughout the neighborhood.  Also any miscellaneous yard waste may be disposed of at this time, including winter broken limbs or invasive plants like Honey Suckle, etc.

Who:  All property owners and residents of Blue Ridge are welcome and encouraged to participate.

How:  On Saturday 11th place the plant material to be disposed of in piles by the street, NOT in it.  Note the collection will actually occur on Monday and Tuesday of the following week, but it must be in place by Sunday afternoon.  The hauler (Clark Lawn and Landscaping) will be surveying the neighborhood on Sunday to determine logistics needed.

Help:  If you need assistance with moving plant debris to curb or conversely would be willing to assist our elderly or disabled neighbors, please contact the BRNA board via email or phone Jo Basey at 336-2384.

Why:  The Blue Ridge Neighborhood Association (BRNA) is sponsoring this collection of plant debris to achieve compliance with Bloomington’s Municipal Code Title 12, Chapter 12.24.040 (2).  It is also an opportunity for neighbors to purge their property of unwanted plant growth or debris piles.

Caution:  Please be careful when pruning plants and trees.  If moving brush piles to the curb be watchful for snakes.

Questions?  For questions about clean up call Rex Tayloe at 337-9525 or Mike Bailey at 339-6553.

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